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Healthy Habits

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Healthy Tips

Best Brushing Advice
You may be brushing your teeth regularly, but not often or long enough. For the best oral health, brush twice daily for two minutes. Be sure to choose a brush that isn’t too hard, as coarse bristles can cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. A powered toothbrush can improve brushing results. Remember to replace your toothbrush or electric brush head every three months.

Get into Flossing
Flossing at least once a day is critical for …

Trusted Relationships

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Trusted Relationships
Relationships built on trust are the heart of our practice. If our patients don’t fully trust us, we are powerless to truly help them. Wewant to take the time to tell you just how important trust is to us and how we build it.

You’ll never feel like you can trust someone who doesn’t spend any time with you. We make sure to spend face-to-face time with each and every patient. You should feel well informed and …